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Third Street corridor in Bayview
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The Bayview Hunters Point (Bayview) is San Francisco’s most ethnically diverse neighborhood in the culturally significant southeast sector of beautiful San Francisco, home to a wide and interesting variety of shops, restaurants, historic landmarks, and public spaces.

Stroll down the Third Street commercial corridor and encounter delicious dining options, family-owned coffee shops, swinging jazz and blues clubs, beautiful murals painted by local artists, and decorative gardens tended by community residents, – all while basking in the warmest and sunniest weather in the city.


The Bayview Merchants Association (BMA) has been a driving force behind economic development in the Bayview.  Our Mission is to create a vibrant, safe and economically sustainable community by helping ALL Bayview businesses succeed.


BMA was founded in 1925, when the neighborhood was known to locals as “Butchertown” because of the high density of slaughterhouses in the area. The population was small, but a group of committed business people came together in an effort to promote the merchants to the rest of San Francisco and to advocate for Bayview businesses to local government.

Muralist working on Bayview mural
Bayview businesses

Chloe Jackman Photography


Today, BMA continues its tradition as a powerful voice for local businesses in the Bayview. Bolstered by the 2005 opening of MUNI’s T line 3rd Street light rail, the development at the Hunters Point Shipyard and hundreds of other smaller-scale projects, Bayview is undergoing an economic renaissance – and BMA is working hard to ensure that its members benefit from the neighborhood’s rapid growth.


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